Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is the pre-apprenticeship only open to certain demographics?

The pre-apprenticeship is made possible through a grant from the U. S. Department of Labor whose goals are to address the unique needs of the American workforce and population. The demographics served have been historically under-represented within the electrical industry. Our population is becoming increasingly diverse and we are facing a shortage of workers in our industry.

  • If I go through the pre-apprenticeship and am later accepted into the apprenticeship, will I displace anyone on the ranked list?

No. The pre-app students do not displace any applicants. We have a projected number of new classes (boot camps) that we are going to take for the year, and we take those off of the ranked list. Those classes are paid for by NIETC (the resources, instructor, etc). The pre-apprenticeship is completed funded through a Department of Labor grant and not paid for by the NIETC, and the pre-apprentices are not merged onto the ranked list.

  • If I go through the pre-apprenticeship will I still have to meet the minimum program requirements for the apprenticeship program?

Yes. Minimum program requirements are state standards and everyone must meet them.

  • I am 17 years old but meet all other eligibility requirements - can I still apply?

You must be 18 years or older by August 27, 2018 which is the date that you will begin work.

  • I am a High School senior and will be graduating in June but will not have my diploma by the application deadline. What can I do?

Please submit a letter from your school indicating that you are on track to graduate from High School with at least a 2.0 GPA and a full year of Algebra with a C or better. The transcript will be required at the time of your interview. 

  • I have applied to the apprenticeship program in the past. Do I need to turn in my qualifying transcripts again?

If it has not been longer than five years since your application we will forward your school transcripts. Please make a note of this on your application. We will not forward any material other than transcripts.

  • If I go through the pre-apprenticeship will I still have to pass the aptitude test that everyone else has to pass, for the Inside and Limited Energy programs?

Yes. Passing the aptitude test is a state requirement for entry into the Inside and Limited Energy Programs. Pre-apprentices will have aptitude test preparation weeks 1 - 5 and will be aptitude tested on week 6.

  • What happens if I get accepted into the pre-apprenticeship but I do not pass the aptitude test?

You have the option of entry into the Residential program, which does not require aptitude testing, or you may re-test in six months. We encourage you to enter the Residential program only if you intend to complete that program. Furthermore you are only given one direct entry option. If your goal is to become an Inside Electrician or Limited Energy Technician we advise you to work as a material handler until you are eligible to re-test.

  • Will there be homework?

Yes, there will be occasional homework, and pre-apprentices are encouraged to study on their own time in preparation for the aptitude test. Tutoring is available for pre-apprentices at the Training Center on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

  • Is 100% attendance is required? I have a vacation/wedding/graduation/etc planned.

Attendance is critical. Pre-apprentices are required to attend all related training classes and On-the-Job Training. Documentation of any attendance or tardy related issue is encouraged (tow receipt, doctor’s note, etc.)

The following rules will apply:


Absences during Classroom Training:

 Three absences are allowed over the duration of the 8 week, 220-hour classroom training.
1st Absence: Verbal Warning
2nd Absence: Written Warning

3rd Absence: Written Warning

4th Absence: Termination


Absences during On-the-Job Training:

One absence per 80 hours of OJT experience.

1st Absence: Written Warning

2nd Absence: Termination

Tardies during Classroom Training:
Tardy means arriving up to 2 hours late to class in the morning, from break, from lunch and/or leaving up to 2 hours early.  Students with incomplete homework can be sent to a lab to finish it and will be tardy or absent as applicable. Over 2 hours is an absence.
Two tardies are allowed. Three equate to an absence.
1st Tardy: Verbal Warning
2nd Tardy: Written Warning
3rd Tardy: Counted as an Absence and the above rules apply
Tardies during On-the-Job Training:
This will vary per contractor policy. Repeated tardiness could be cause for termination.
  • Can you explain how Direct Entry works?

Pre-apprentices who successfully complete all classwork, demonstrate a good attitude, and receive favorable reports for their two weeks of on-the-job training are offered one opportunity for direct entry into the program of their choice. This offer expires after 180 days. All application requirements must be met. Think of the pre-apprenticeship as a ten-week long interview. 

  • Is it still possible to test out of first term and get placed into 2nd term?

We no longer offer this as an option. We have eliminated first term classes from the pre-apprenticeship curriculum so that we can focus on basic skills and make more time for hands-on training in the lab.

  • Is there any financial assistance available beyond the $500 stipend?

We recognize that the unpaid pre-apprenticeship program may present a hardship to some applicants. WorkSource and 211 are community resources that may be able to provide assistance. To locate a WorkSource center in Oregon visit To locate a center in Washington visit 211 can be reached by visiting, by dialing 211, by emailing , or by texting your zip code to 898211.