In 2015, the Department of Labor solicited applications for the American Apprenticeship Initiative. The initiative intended to be a catalyst in supporting a uniquely American Apprenticeship system that meets our country’s economic and workforce needs. The electrical training ALLIANCE was awarded the federal grant to identify pre-apprentices and equip them for entry into new careers in high-paying occupations in the electrical industry. 

The U.S. Department of labor is the funding source for this pre-apprenticeship program.

This program provides 300 hours of training that includes classroom instruction in academic, computer skills, and on-the-job training experiences. The pre-Apprenticeship program training will include introductory and orientation lessons, financial literacy training, safety training, introductory job lessons, and preparation for the aptitude test which is a requirement for the apprenticeship programs.  

Our population is becoming increasingly diverse and we are facing a shortage of workers in our industry. People of Color, Women, Veterans, Spouses of Veterans, and Persons with disabilities have been historically under-represented within the electrical industry. The goal of this federally funded program is to address these unique needs of the American workforce and population. 


Next Class: July 9 - September 14, 2018

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"We have been very happy with the etA pre-apprentice program, finding potential applicants that likely wouldn't have applied to the apprentice program. Most of the pre-apprentices are extremely grateful for the opportunity to learn about the trade and get enough experience during the program to make them a competitive applicant and ultimately a successful apprentice.”

-Rod Belisle, NECA-IBEW Electrical Training Center -Training Director

“IBEW Local 48 is proud to be a part of this pre-apprenticeship program.
It strengthens our membership, and it gives us an advantage with legislators including city, county, state and federal projects.”

- Gary Young, IBEW Local 48 -Business Manager 

The Oregon-Columbia, Chapter, NECA and it’s affiliated electrical contractor members are extremely pleased with the efforts and results of our pre-apprenticeship program which continues to strengthen not only our commitment to diversity, but our resolve to make the electrical construction industry all inclusive.
-Timothy Gauthier, Oregon-Columbia Chapter -Director

“The NECA-IBEW Electrical Training Center is fortunate to have been selected as a grant recipient to run this pre-apprenticeship. The ten-week program provides a mutual student-trade compatibility assessment between the instructors and the student. Those who graduate have truly proven their grit and passion for the trade. The program allows us to strengthen our membership by providing exposure and opportunity to individuals who are typically not represented in our industry.”
- Bridget Quinn, NECA-IBEW Electrical Training Center - Workforce Development Coordinator