If you are interested in becoming an apprentice through the NECA-IBEW you need to have a good understanding of the application process.  Successful entry into one of our programs depends highly on your ability to meet each of the program requirements and complete each step of the application process to the best of your abilities.

For program information and requirements, interested applicants should review the program information pages that are on this website.  You will see each program listed individually and will be able to get details and requirements by opening the individual link.

It is also strongly recommended that interested applicants attend one of our free monthly orientation meetings.  They are offered once a month on the THIRD TUESDAY at 4pm. Pre-registration is not required. These meetings are designed to give the interested applicant detailed information on each program, answer any questions and to help ensure that they are ready to make a successful application. If you have attended an orientation in the past, it is suggested to attend the orientation again, as information and policies may have changed. 

NIETC currently offers three apprenticeship programs: Inside Electrical,  Limited Energy A, and Limited Residential.  We will only accept applications during posted openings.  We will post the dates for these openings regularly to help give interested applicants time to prepare and gather the required documents.

The application process is a three-step process:

  • Fill out and turn in the application with all supporting documents
  • Aptitude test
  • Oral Interview

The applicant must successfully complete each step in the process to move on to the next.  There are approximately 3-6 weeks between each step. If you are re-applying to the apprenticeship, we will forward the following documents up to 5 years from your original application to your new application:  school transcripts and documents that prove that you meet the minimum program requirements.  We will not forward letters of recommendation, resumes, etc.  You will need to furnish new copies of these if you would like the interview committee to consider them during the interview scoring process.

Applications are only accepted on Wednesdays during the application period, from 9am-12pm and 1pm-4pm.

All applications are to be filled out and turned in at the Training Center.  Applications are not allowed to leave the building or they will be voided. All required documentation must be attached to the application at the time it is turned in.  Once you have filled out and turned in your application it will go through a review process and the Training Center staff will notify you by mail whether or not you will be moved on to the  next step in the process, which is the aptitude test for the Inside and Limited Energy Program, and the Interview for the Limited Residential Program.

Form more information please contact the NECA-IBEW Electrical Training Center at (503) 262-9991.