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Code; supervision; design & job sequencing, QA/QC, voltages over 600; service truck for many years, signing supervisor responsible for contracts, estimates and permits; past apprenticeship instructor
I've been fortunate to have a wide variety of experience throughout my career. I started at a residential/light commercial shop (West Side Electric). For my first year in the trade I was exposed to the basics- service changes, remodels, T.I. work, and service calls requiring diagnostic and troubleshooting. It gave me a foundation to build my skills in many areas of the trade. I went on to drive a service truck for Shaw West for about 9 years. During that time I entered a service relationship with a major G.E. site that was expanding dramatically. Through this site I was able to develop skills in job costing/bidding, time management (sometimes juggling as many as 20 small jobs concurrently), and most importantly- understanding of the NEC; how to research and implement the code in multiple building environments, working with AHJ's from all disciplines and working directly with customers. This is all on top of the natural development of the normal trade skills: equipment installation, pipe and wire, low voltage cabling, etc. For the past eight years I've worked for Rosendin electric, with a focus on high tech, and Data centers. I spent several years at INTEL as JW, Foreman and GF. I oversaw the installation of the 35,000 volt main switchgear in both mod1 and mod2, as well as the distribution system down to the panel level. I also did the actual start-up and programming of the distribution equipment in mod2. This was the first time in about 20 years that a contractor had responsibility for operating distribution level breakers on an INTEL site. From there I spent over a year, working with an international team of tradespeople and engineers, as part of the design team for INTEL's next fab. This position gave me a voice in crafting INTELs vision for electrical design for it's next generation of building. Some of the design changes I spearheaded are being implemented, and proven, in existing buildings. Currently I work primarily in procedural development and writing. When working in an operational data center all the work must be planned and written into documents which will be followed step-by-step. This document is typically called a 'Method of Procedure', or MOP. Developing the work and writing it out has been my focus for the past year, and looks like it will continue to be in the foreseeable future.

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