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Carole Jacobs
Inside Electrician
OEG - Ronler Acres
2012 - EC running 3" conduit at Intel 2013 - JH Kelly, Weyerhaeuser, running 3/4 & 1" rigid conduit, PLC terminations Late 2013 - VECA at Intel running cable tray, then a Foreman for the duration of job Late 2014 - Christensen - Portland Switchyard (can't remember the name) Pulled wire & terminated the PLC's Late 2014 - 2015 Coupertino (traveled to local 191) Microsoft Quincy, pulled & terminated the medium voltage, spliced & taped in the vaults, terminated all the Medium Voltage gear 2015 - Rosendin - Reno Apple Data Center - Had intentions on working the Tesla battery plant, but that job fell thru, so worked the data center, Running cat 5 cable for the LED lighting system (boring) 2016 - Sturgeon Electric - came back home and worked at a data center, setting switchgear, terminating 250-500 mcm Late 2016 - OEG, the casino job pulling wire Late 2016 - OEG - PGE plant in Clatskanie, placing switchgear, running 3/4"-2" rigid conduit, terminating PLC's (service based environment, not my cup of tea) Currently back at OEG working at Ronler acres site, running 3" EMT, moving & setting Distribution panels, transformers, branch panel, terminating said gear. Did get a chance to work with engineers mapping out conduit runs for the BIM program.

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