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  • The Training Center office is open 8am-5pm Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, 9am-5pm on Wednesday and 8am-4pm on Fridays.
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  • The NIETC offers 3 apprenticeship programs.  Each program trains apprentices in a licensed craft and registers them through the State of Oregon's Apprenticeship Division.  If you are interested in becoming a licensed Journeyman in the electrical industry please review the programs we offer to determine which is the right one for you.

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  • If you are interested in becoming an apprentice through the NECA-IBEW you need to have a good understanding of the application process.  Successful entry into one of our programs depends highly on your ability to meet each of the program requirements and complete each step of the application process to the best of your abilities.

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  • The NECA-IBEW partnership has established one of the best working environments and benefit plans available for the electrical construction trades in the US today.  Your valued commitment to this partnership will ensure you have a place in receiving the hard earned rewards found through completing the Local 48 union apprenticeship program.  Find out why and how the NECA-IBEW apprenticeship program is the best in the electrical construction industry.

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The annual Western States Electrical Contest was held in Salt Lake City, Utah on Saturday Sept. 18.

The contest consists of multiple components, culminating to an awards celebration that evening in which contestants are recognized

for their outstanding performance throughout the day, as well as their excellent performance that was displayed throughout their entire apprenticeship, thereby granting them the opportunity to represent their local JATC at the annual event. In Portland, classmates select the contestant to represent the graduating class. Dan Zigler was selected to represent us from a class of approximately 80 eligible students. Dan is a JW working for Dynalectric. Dan competed with great enthusiasm and did an outstanding job, making Portland very proud, carrying on a tradition of craftsmanship and excellence, earning respect from the others at the contest.

Dan competed among 29 other contestants in a written exam encompassing the first four years of the NJATC curriculum, a material Identification event, Motor control written logic diagram as well as a hand’s on portion of the same, a residential wall and two conduit projects, one ½ EMT and the other ¾”. The contestants get points for quality, code compliance, accuracy and speed. The Awards Banquet recognizes all contestants and spotlights the top three finishers of the day. Contestant Torey Mielke from SW Washington JATC in Tacoma finished with top honors edging out Eric Sherman from Pacific Inside JATC in Coos bay for second. Newcomers to the contest took third place. Montana JATC, represented by Jonathan Pytka. Dan did a fantastic job, keeping a smile on his face and an extremely positive attitude all day. Dan truly demonstrated what the NECA-IBEW Electrical Training Center strives for.

Many industry leaders were in attendance, giving positive remarks about the quality in which the contestants displayed throughout the day. Jeff Baker, President of Platt Electric, gave a very heartfelt and encouraging speech about the leadership qualities that had been demonstrated by the contestants and the solid future that these “future leader” will provide to the industry. The contest will be held in Bakersfield Ca. in 2011.


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